not all those who wander are lost

Lets take a walk through the Fisher Body Plant #21. This is a structure that is explored quite routinely, but I wanted to go back through to take a more careful look around.

First, you have to punch in for work !

Whoa – the re-enforced concrete floor and pillars failed in this section. You dont see that much, these buildings are like fortresses made of solid cement.

Heres the collapsed section from above.

Most levels dont have much going on, so I scaled up to the top floors where the vehicles were painted.

Lots of tracks going through spray booths and drying rooms. It looks like some kind of strange amusement ride.

Drying lights – all carefully smashed by idiots.

The floors in the old factory buildings often have an interesting system of wood block floors rather than concrete or wood plank. When saturated, these floors buckle dramatically. According to my father in law, this happens even in active factories.

You might think a concrete structure should last indefinitely, but as Glen Hagey says, “water always wins”. Time and water melt the concrete. This results in strange calcified goopy discharge, basically efflorescence gone wild.

Heres a close up cropped image of the stalactites caused by this process.

5 Responses to Fisher Body Plant

  • Canon ? Naw, never touch the stuff.

    What the hell are doing for work without your camera ? Did they give you a lender or something ? Ask your boss for a stipend, sometimes they’ll throw down for at least part of your gear.

  • Thanks for your condolences. Know where I can get a good deal on a Canon? ;)

  • whoa – easy there Pikey – I wasnt referring to you if thats where you’re headed. And yeah, they are cropped beyond that at times.

    Sorry bout your camera too, that sucks.

  • if you nail your focus- you can crop in to an image %600 in photoshop and it will still look crystal clear. it’s often called hyperfocus. there’s enough megapixels in todays cameras to compensate for this.

  • Awesome work. That buckled floor is made from pecan blocks. When wet they can pop right out place. Those were probably half froze when they did that.