not all those who wander are lost

This is a small building next to the Statler and across from the United Artists building. It is connected to the Statlers northwestern wing ( the Statler had a “V” shaped floor plan to accommodate the corner real estate )

The building burst into flames suddenly after years of being abandoned. It went up shortly after the owner made a rare visit to make “upgrades” to the property.

The structure is pure brick, with 100% wooden infrastructure. The fire did not do so much exterior damage, but according to firefighters on the scene the building will eventually collapse under its own weight. The infrastructure is what burns in this type of design – an interesting insight into building fires at the turn of the 20th century.

Grand Trunk Warehouse Fire

This warehouse went up a while ago – but we went through recently to see the damage.

You would think not much could be done to such a huge brick structure, but this thing was charred and melted inside. This fire must have been hot as hell. In the rear we found many empty gasoline cans – excellerant ?

Metal bay doors were cut open all around the building for access and ventilation.

A great view of the Incinerator from inside the GT Warehouse.