not all those who wander are lost

Fire of the day – the “Jazz Liquor” store on Gratiot. Burnt to a crisp in spite of the best efforts by the mighty DFD. Barred windows delayed access to the hot spots causing a total loss. Gratiot Avenue was closed through rush hour this morning.

I guess this little building housed a recording studio, and the White Stripes recorded some stuff here. This used to be painted blue – its on Adams across from the Adams “jump theater” entrance.

The new ad plastered over the Wyland whale mural on the Broderick Tower.

Another ad by the same company which is part of the same strange ad campaign as the last car advert which was on the Broderick.

The Detroit Life Building, promising restoration in some unknown distant future. Look for it to suffer an “emergency demolition” and its footprint converted to parking.

“wide open” = Wide Open Detroit. I believe that W.O.D. has denied actually painting this inside the David Whitney building.

Wide Open Detroit logo also inside the D.Whitney

The dreaded BOOT ! Looks like the parking tickets for this vehicle probably exceed the vehicles value.

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