not all those who wander are lost

I chased down this little blaze yesterday, looked like more from the smoke. Turned out to be a mousetrap fire. (mousetrap is what DFD calls the abandoned and half burned structures due to the dangerous nature of search and rescue)

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  • we spotted it from Eastern Mkt & were there when the roof was still on it. drew quite a crowd. it went from house to ashes in about 15min. ive never felt a fire so hot…even with the windows rolled up in my car we could feel the heat

    Randy, i posted my pics on my forum ;)

  • It is an old grocery store, next to the Packard plant complex. Im on the roof of the office building.

  • That second picture looks like the architecture of an old A&P. They had that side gable with a weather vane on top. Where was/is it?

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