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Jared W. Finney High School, resuming demolition.

There are literally dozens of school buildings closed in Detroit, and many dozens more on the chopping block. Declining enrollment, declining population, and fears of the hostile Emergency Financial Manager takeover of the system have caused an exodus away from Detroit Public Schools into the suburbs and into make-shift charter schools.

So what is the plan for THIS site ? Well the bankrupt city got together with the bankrupt county and the bankrupt state and they somehow came up with 45 MILLION dollars to build A NEW SCHOOL. What ? ! Yep yep. Why build a new school when you claim to have not enough children to keep 50 other viable buildings open ? I dunno.

What happens after they build this state of the art monstrosity and fill it with flat screen plasma monitors and computerized “smart boards” ? Well, I’ll bet you 45 million dollars they sell it all to a charter school for about 5 dollars. (45 million is roughly the yearly salary of 1000 Detroit Public School teachers. Just in case you are wondering where all the money comes from. So who will teach here ?)

I love it when private companies close public roads and call it “private property”.

Security guy talking to his mom on the phone.

Demolition signs ? Nope. Air quality measurement devices ? Nope. Fences all covered to prevent hazardous debris from wafting into neighborhoods ? Nope. I LOVE demolitions in Detroit ! (nope)

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