not all those who wander are lost

I hear this is the new S.W.A.T. movie in production – anybody know for sure ? This was yesterday at about 3 p.m.

I only had a wide angle lens, so most of these are really cropped.

5 Responses to Filming at Brewster Projects

  • I think they started filming last Sunday. Was chatting with someone who was planning the same site for a low-budget film and had some scheduling issues.

  • Hahahaha! Oh, I harassed the red coat guys plenty. Honestly, I was just cutting through my normal route on my way to the overpass to get to Eastern Market so I could watch the bands playing at Flower Day. The red coat guys were all half asleep and I guess they didnt expect a guy lugging cameras to just walk straight through their shit, drinking my chocolate shake from mcdonalds like it was just any other day. Hahahaha ! When I realized it was a film set, I walked back out to the main road and did the perimeter instead. Sure wish I had the telephoto that day tho – because aside from being able to see what was going on and get photos, it is much more intimidating looking.

  • Yeah, Dfunk! Why didn’t you give Mr. RSIG the bum’s rush?!

  • All these people are trespassing on Dfunk’s photography studio…the nerve!

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