not all those who wander are lost

The Festival of the Art is open now, runs all weekend.

The usual assortment of craft and artsy booths of stuff, plenty of expensive food (but free to smell) and way too many advertising booths.

Heres one for Notathemepark, a great fan of the Didgeridoo

The woman to the left was making some seriously haunting sounds on this Australian native instrument.

Um….I dunno.

And there she is ! Mother Goose. Usually they pull out the bookworm – I dont know what Mother Goose has to do with anything..

I am the Eggman

Jumpin Jack Flash he’s a gas gas gas

Sand sculptures – a yearly tradition and one of my favorites.

“One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don’t do anything at all

Go ask Alice
When shes ten feet tall…”

The Mad Hatter. According to the “Annotated Alice in Wonderland” the Hatter was “mad” due to the intoxicating fumes from the fixatives used to fix the material on hats. A common theme of intoxication that runs through the entire story: the March Hare is wild with sex hormones, Alice takes all manner of drugs including psilocybin mushrooms. The Caterpillar smokes a hookah.

Very strange story indeed.

[ MINT adds: As a member of the Lewis Carroll Society, I feel I must speak up against the common misconception that Lewis Carroll was feeding Alice hallucinogenic mushrooms. If you have read the Annotated Alice, which you quoted, you will note Martin Gardener gives a long explanation about this issue in his annotations. The mushrooms originally illustrated in the book by Tenniel were amanita fulva, a safe, eatable, and non-hallucinogenic mushroom. This was probably a thoughtful and cautious choice. Even back then nobody wanted to be blamed for children picking and eating a dangerous substance. ]

I heard two bands that were just kicking ass – this is one. Somebody help out on the name of this band, cause these guys rocked. They are Lansing based, and this was their first Detroit appearance.

[ nate adds: ]Steppin In It is the band..Check out the site cause these guys really know how to throw down the old sound.

Just look at the size of that guys harmonica !! LMAO

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