not all those who wander are lost

Well, here we are on top of the Eastown Theater.

This is the point on the roof where the photos start.

Does this look like the owner removed the Comedy faces from the roof perimeter ? Obviously not.

They even took care to put a hooker-mattress beneath it to break its fall.

If you look at the curly detail on the right of this one, you see it has been chiseled out.

Hilarious that THIS is the view of the skyline from Eastown – bwahahahahaha !

So, did they shimmy down the stair case with those huge sculptures ?

No – I think they lowered it down from the hook.

Here is some broken terracotta where it would land.

This is the broken terracotta at ground level.

Then they would move it across this plank which makes a bridge over a staircase drop, and through that door out onto Harper Avenue.

The apartment building itself is the usual shambles.

Complete with rooms that look like they were decorated by clowns.

Going up ?

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