not all those who wander are lost

East side Polish hall. In recent history it was briefly a place called “Black Castle” – some corny nightclub thing.

Always have to wonder about burnt buildings with fire hydrants right out front. Is that meant to be ironic ?

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  • Cindy, this Dom Polski was on the east side near City Airport, I know there used to be an Alinosi Ice Cream place on the same street that my mother went to as a kid.

  • Where was this eastside Dim Polski locates? I took dance lessons there in the 60’s.

  • The City could put lots of people back to work just cleaning and greening our demolished neighborhoods.

  • Hula – at this point, honestly I would have to say that there is nothing the City can do to save itself. Nothing short of full scale Federal intervention and an infusion of money and equipment from the United Nations could possibly ever make a dent.

    Detroit is in a death spiral. And at this moment, the rest of the United States is poised to join her.

  • Do you think Detroit (the city) will ever come back to its former glory? To be honest, I didn’t know Detroit was like this until a few months ago. And like this for so long. I can’t believe this is United States. Your photos are beautiful but it must be so rough for people who still lives there.

    Can’t the city do something? I know there was only one industry for so long but can’t the city bite the bullet and offer tax abatements and such? Lure different business in, even it’s small, it would be a spark to something better.

    I’m just wondering if there are any solutions in the horizon.

    Just a few thoughts from someone who doesn’t know much about Detroit.

  • Yeah – or maybe crossing the “A” like that was an after thought ? Looks like the base pink color was laid first, and then outlined.

  • Nice man! Whenever I drove by that spot I always wondered if Kosek/Army had to run or got caught or something because of the paint not being finished…

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