not all those who wander are lost

After going around looking at all these gargoyles and grotesques, I started doing sketches to make a few myself. I got some clay and started working, these are the first three that I came up with. Firing and glazing courtesy of Mrs. dFUNK.

I really like this one, hes technically a grotesque or chimera, because he does not facilitate a water downspout.

Heres the second one I did – this guy is a full gargoyle with his mouth yanked open to facilitate a downspout. These are nonfunctional decorative goyles of course.

This gargoyle is the third I did – I wanted him to be more like the ones that appear to be oridinary townsfolk that are damned for whatever reason to spewing run off water out their mouth for eternity. Mrs. dFUNK did an especially great job on this glaze too.

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