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Engine Company # 41 on the dirty East Side

Heres some of Detroits many endangered firehouses – an ongoing theme you will see here on dETROITfUNK in the future. These are the men and women who run the fire trucks and EMS vehicles that make a life and death difference in all our lives. Lets just pray that they dont get caught in the ongoing Civil War between City Council and the lameduck Mayor Kilpatrick administration. If Detroit needs ANYTHING – its their world class fire-rescue teams.

Check out this (unofficial) Detroit Fire Department and EMS website, stuffed with information and resources.

“He likes to keep his fire engine clean, it’s a clean machine”

Engine Company # 5. This house has been kicking it for a LONG time ! Located next to the historic Art Center Music School (former Hamilton Company Funeral Home) I believe this company goes back to the times of horse drawn equipment.

EMS Squad #2

Note the architectural details – Northern Italianite banded arches reminicent of the Ransom Gillis house (BrushPark) and other strong Arts&Crafts period structures. A style much touted by John Ruskin.

Engine 46 deployed to an horrific accident on Harper Avenue

EMS techs rush a patient probably to St. John Hospital in north east Detroit

Engine Company # 3 – Ladder Company # 3 – looks like this station is recently decommissioned ?

4 Responses to DFD EMS

  • What a treat! My great grandfather, Patrick Henry Sullivan, was a Lieut. for Eng. Co. 5 way back in the day. He retired in the 1930’s. I never knew him but it’s great to see where he worked. Thank you.

  • FYI – This engine house on W. Montcalm, USED to be Engine 3 & Ladder 3, those companies have been disbanded (engine in the 70’s and the ladder in the 90’s) Squad 2 has run out of this quarters (and currently runs out of engine 5’s quarters), and currently Engine 1 and Tac 2 run here. Tac two’s rig broke down aprox 2 years ago and the city has yet to replace it… so that leaves Engine 1.

  • Keep up the good work guys!!!!

  • This brings me back home. I have family that I see in East D. all the way up to Flint.