not all those who wander are lost

The only city in North America that makes a tradition of lighting itself on fire once a year – LET IT ALL BURN !

Hopefully the yearly efforts to stave off the yearly arson ritual were successful. Its hard to tell since the City started the program of simply not announcing how many fires were lit to keep the stats out of national news. Truth be known, many people have long believed that the majority of fires are insurance scams and are actually lit by the property owners.

Well its Halloween, and what is scarier than a whitewashed baby holding a giant tire up on a roof ??? NOTHING !


Just hilarious…Thanks to Steve for a heads up on this bizzarre local signage.

Look, enough IS enough folks…Just get it over with and vote for SATAN..

this message is endorsed by the Devil and has been paid for with your soul..

Im not endorsing vandalism here, but uh……this is classic.

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