not all those who wander are lost

The interiors are just shattered remains, nothing you could make sense of from outside.

Just poking the camera through a hole in the brick wall.

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5 Responses to Detroit Veterinary Sanatorium c.1890

  • Yeah, Im wondering that too Andrew. My friends have all the Sanborn insurance maps, so Ill hit them up for a few years worth of layouts of that block.

  • So this building is tucked in the alley (“was” actually, given all the parking lots and vacant lots to the south). I wonder if there were ever anymore alley businesses like this in that area.

  • What can you say … it’s sad to see such places. I wish the City would clear sites like this, though.

  • Well, I am guessing by the wagon sized doorway, it might have been an equine level vet – perhaps to care for police and fire service animals. There is a fire station on the same block that is very old, and also the funeral home which dates to the 1800’s and had used horse drawn equipment.

    Thats a pure guess – anyone got the Sanborn maps for this hood ? Between 2nd and Cass, its in the Alexandrine alleyway.

  • Wow, that’s a really interesting building—I wonder what a “veterinary sanatorium” is, anyway? Given that sanatoriums were usually located out in the country, does that mean that this building predates the surrounding neighborhood by a few years?

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