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“The Oldest Bank in Michigan” is what is inscribed on top of this stately pizza restaurant. Established in 1849, this Detroit Savings Bank has seen multiple uses before its demise, including a church (complete with drive thru) and a Dominos Pizza store.

This bank was actually the beginning of the Comerica Bank brand, now headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Established 1849

From Wiki:

Comerica was founded in Detroit by Elon Fransworth in 1849 as the Detroit Savings Fund Institute. The company’s named changed to The Detroit Savings Bank in 1871 and to simply The Detroit Bank in 1936, being one of the few area banks to survive the Great Depression. In 1953, it merged with Birmingham National Bank, Ferndale National Bank and Detroit Wabeek Bank and Trust Company to form The Detroit Bank & Trust Company. The current name was adapted in 1982.

“Detroit Savings Bank”…..and pizza.

Aw jeez..I dunno what that is, but it doesnt make me wanna eat pizza.

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