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Photos of the now completely ravaged University Club on Jefferson Avenue.

There was an attempt underway while I was there to reseal the remains of this building.

Here is an untouched detail – perhaps they can reconstruct the whole thing from this one item ?

This is one of the most grotesque and unnecessary examples of “demolition by neglect” I have seen in ages.

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  • Another blow to Detroit’s history – the University club was a real favorite. What’s to be next – the players?!

    DF, as you’re likely heading back down there, can you let me know what’s going on with the former Omni Hotel on the riverfront? I used to have a place in the 400 riverplace block and would often put friends up in the Omni. Is it being taken over by another hotel chain or sitting empty?

  • After seeing what happens to high schools and, others, in Detroit it comes as no surprise to see this.

  • The owner of the University Club also owns Amori’s Marketplace, directly across Jefferson. He has been a problem for many years; his premise frequently full of trash, landscaping un-kept, paint faded, etc. Last name is Amori. Too bad he wouldn’t take his backhoe to his liquor store.

  • Yeah Detroit Liger, looked to me like the slate roof was shucked for the copper fixtures that hold the shingles.

  • Was inside yesterday. There is nothing left to save except for some stone ornamentation, and maybe the wood plank flooring. ALL of the wood paneling was ripped apart (not salvaged) to get to the metal ductwork in the walls. It’s an absolute disgrace, and it’s my understanding that it is the guy across the street.

  • I dont know that much about the owner, or what the deal is with wrecking the place. The Historical Society is working hard to save it, but I think the guy is wrecking it faster than they can save it.

    Any info on the guys liquor store ? Its not the one across the street next to Yondotaga, is it ?

  • How about some photos and information about the owner’s Liquor store so we can avoid shopping there?

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