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Well this truck has a company logo on it that does “restoration”, so I know they could not have had anything to do with destroying the tile work in the fountain basin. Maybe they are going to restore the basin complete with the original tilework design in place ? Because it looks like a really fucking crappy skateboard park right now…

Nope. Here is the quote from the director at Pewabic Pottery:

“A lot of Pewabic has fallen under the wrecking ball,” Ireland said. “However, the Pottery would have been very interested in obtaining at least some of these sections for our archives. And just having these discarded into Dumpsters seems like a mean end for a valuable public monument.”

Read more: Historic Pewabic tiles destroyed in Belle Isle fountain restoration | | Detroit Free Press

Detroit eats its own.

Crap like this makes me want to turn my back on everything Detroit and never think about it again.

Mary Chase Perry Stratton is out there somewhere today turning uneasily in her grave, as another part of the Arts and Crafts movements history is thrown in a landfill like it was a bunch of garbage.

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