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The now classic Detroit skyline.

You will all be happy to know that Charlie’s “Roof Trees” are still hanging in there !

From the Detroit News:

Nature takes root as Detroit landmark rots
Charlie LeDuff / The Detroit News

A poplar tree stands atop the historic Lafayette Building in the heart of Detroit. Her crown reaches 20 feet above the terra cotta cornice, her roots puncturing deep into the roof. Her leaves are yellowing and crisp. They sing a forlorn little tune.

The tree is in the last days of her life.

Demolition of the landmark building — sitting on a pie-sliced plot bound by Michigan Avenue, Shelby Street and Lafayette Boulevard — began in September and is expected to be completed by March.

Here is a nice “before and after”

click on the above photo for a large size image – you can really see all the little junk hanging off of that carcass.

“Feeling that Detroit Vibe”

That ain’t a “vibe”, that’s just the rumble of demolition equipment.

And again, everybody repeat after me: “demolition means progress”.

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