not all those who wander are lost

Road trippin up to the north western part of lower Michigan. Arcadia Township, just south of Sleeping Bear Dunes and Traverse City along Lake Michigan.

This view looks south away from Sleeping Bear, towards the outlet of the Lake Arcadia Watershed.

This view looks towards Frankfort, just south of the Empire Bluff of the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes.

I cut through the fence and hung out of the face of the bluff that this scenic turnout point was built on – where the arrow points.

Heres the view from there.

Back on land we hit the road…

Some classic Americana barn scenes.

Here is what the locals drive around in… Hahaha ! Actually if you saw what the snowfall was like around here in the winter, this truck would not surprise you at all.

Then I come across this historical marker – pretty strange one. The womans birth home is off in the brush back there – a ruin.

6 Responses to Day Tripper

  • man…these pics make me want to head up north! spent most of my childhood vacations in the Leelanau. *sigh*

  • Jhonny 4?…….and HEY its Hey!!! fun fun fun

  • Could you geotag the Quimby homestead? Nice travelogue!

  • There – I fixed that description so it reads better – thnx

  • Yeah I know – its just looking in that general direction, but Sleeping Bear is around the next bend on the shoreline past Frankfort.

    That is a really great area.

  • 8th Photo in is looking at Frankfort! Have spent 25 years going there. You can just make out the breakwater and lighthouse. Thats actually a bit south of Empire and Sleeping bear.

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