not all those who wander are lost

Woodward Dream Cruise ? Eh – keep it. This is some classic cars in downtown Mount Clemens.

Is that PAINT or WHAT !?

Heres what Im always looking for – a fine specimin too

Wonder if she was made here in the Packard plant on the Boulevard ? May have been born in Ohio though.

Hahahaha ! Always makes me laugh.

Heres how the show looked from the air………..

Gull winged and stainless steel !

Cool show, always a great time in the Clem.

But just a little side note: whoever placed the portable restrooms practically on top of the Joseph Wesner/ James Storm sculpture – you are an ass.

3 Responses to Cruise Y’all

  • OMG! Uber Ass!

  • The flames on that little
    Chevrolet actually look like
    a fire. The artist must have used twenty coats of paint to create those flames.

  • dooooood! ive seen that black ’71 Riviera before. i looooove me some Rivieras.

    as far as that Packard…i thought the only ones made in Ohio were in like the 1890’s…all the rest were built on EGB until 1956 when they moved to SB Indiana.