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Chin Tiki – now owned by property baron Michael Ilitch. I believe the owner recently passed away, and now it is up for sale by the Ilitch group. For restaurant/nightclub/banquet use.

The Chin Tiki was part of the Tahitian club boom back in the Ricky Richardo days – much like Trader Vics which was part of Hotel Statler on the Bagley side.

Recently this long vacant club was featured in Eminems “8Mile” movie.

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  • yes, Marvin Chin just passde away a few weeks ago.

    chad, R3d, Bumshit and i met him at his downtown restuarant one day while he was cleaning the place up with his grandson. he let us come inside and showed us around, and even took our picture in the booth where Feminem sat during the movie.

    the place aint bad inside, just needs a little dusting and some crap thrown out (apparently the movie crew didnt feel like putting anything back where it was before they were given permission to use the blg…)

    some of R3d’s pix:

    as it turns out, Chin’s Livonia store is right down the street from my house

  • Last I heard the family of Marvin Chin was looking to sell.

    I don’t believe it is in Ilitches hands yet though, because they promised Tiki fans that the club would be open for tour at Motor City Tiki.