not all those who wander are lost

Let’s take a romp through the hood next to the Incinerator along St. Aubin Street (St. Stanislaus District) – for some reason this area has been a giant tinderbox of arson.

Lets look in this one….

Hellooooo…..Anyone home ?

How bout this duplex ?

Nobody home..

This fire seen from atop the Packard looks like it was somewhere near I-94 and the French Street exit – but it was hard to tell from that vantage.

While DFD were scrambling to put out this first fire, another popped up further east – looked like it was near Jefferson toward the Grosse Pointe border. Again, I had no bearings on which way I was looking from up there.

There was yet another fire on my way out of town – what the hells going on ?

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