not all those who wander are lost

Let’s take a romp through the hood next to the Incinerator along St. Aubin Street (St. Stanislaus District) – for some reason this area has been a giant tinderbox of arson.

Lets look in this one….

Hellooooo…..Anyone home ?

How bout this duplex ?

Nobody home..

This fire seen from atop the Packard looks like it was somewhere near I-94 and the French Street exit – but it was hard to tell from that vantage.

While DFD were scrambling to put out this first fire, another popped up further east – looked like it was near Jefferson toward the Grosse Pointe border. Again, I had no bearings on which way I was looking from up there.

There was yet another fire on my way out of town – what the hells going on ?

2 Responses to Charcoal City

  • Hey there Farmers Wife –

    No, in fact this neighborhood is far from abandoned. This is right in there with where people live. It has long been a troubled area, but when the City of Detroit placed its largest incinerator right next to it, it began a freefall. That was decades ago.

    But thats what really sucks about so much blight, is that its right near people living their normal lives.

    Some of these buildings are burned purely by accident due to unsafe conditions. Some are burned and abandoned due to a process called “demolition by neglect”. Some are arson.

    Hey, make sure to check out this post with a mess of Michigan farms. (this is what most of michigan looks like):

  • Holy cow – that’s alot of burned out buildings. It sure resembles a war zone. Has this area simply been abandoned?