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The CCS at 100: Alumni Sampler Show at Center Gallery.

September 16- October 21

On the wall at the left – Robert Sestok (1969) River

The great Jay Holland – a local legend (on the right)

Ya Got Me Jay Holland (1951)

A Way Out Jay Holland

Charissa Brock (1996) Radiant Broom

I went to school with Charissa, her work continues to become more sophisticated every time I see it. Certainly one of the best artists that I had the honor of going to school with.

Arturo Sanchez (1991) Sommerville Tea

Adam Shirley (1993) Madre

Adam Shirley Untitled Sculptures

Richard Koslow (1947) Masks

Mark Arminski (1978) The Camel Project

Mark is an extremely important local artist who does a great variety of work – from his famous rock poster silkscreens to tattoo design. Arminski is also a very strong fine art painter, so you want to keep an eye out for his latest work.

Take a look at his website for more info: (currently under a bit of construction)

This is a commission from Camel cigarette company, custom Arminski graphic cig packs. Not a fan of smoking, but damn, these rock !

The final product, actually available at cigarette dealers near you.

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