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This was the best school in all of Detroit in its day. Originally there were three schools in this spot, including the School of Commerce where my motherinlaw graduated. The original two were leveled leaving room for I-75 to zip through.

Many prominent Detroiters attended Cass Tech including convicted felon and former mayor Kwame Kilpatrick.

Here is a list of prominent alum of Cass Tech from Wikipedia:

  • The mother of aviation pioneer Charles Lindbergh, Mrs. Evangeline Land Lindbergh, was a chemistry teacher at Cass; 1922-1942.
  • The old school building is shown briefly in the film, Four Brothers.
  • The student-led civil rights group, By Any Means Necessary (BAMN), has its largest chapter at Cass.
  • On November 25-26 1927 the School Science and Mathematics Association held their annual convention at Cass
  • NBA Basketball player Chris Douglas Roberts attended Cass.

A new school was built and so, of course, the old one must be abandoned to the elements and to scrappers and vandals. Demolition By Neglect.

An historical structure of this stature would never be granted a demolition permit, so you have to ruin it first. This is Detroit, and this is what Detroit considers “progress”.

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