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Here is Cass Tech 5 years ago, before much of the damage was done.

Doorway architectural details complete with Pewabic tiles – these are all gone now.

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  • My brother graduated from Cass Tech in Jan 1956. Since our family was poor, my brother never asked my parents for money to buy a yearbook. He was the saluatorian for his class. Also looking for old photos of the same. thanks,

  • phoenix:
    I found a 1969 yearbook for cass a couple months ago!

    such a shame. true beauty gone to waste, but it had no hope anyway.

  • I once had a website dedicated to the distinguished individuals who once walked the halls of old CT. It saddens me that the vandals were allowed to desecrate her. Old Cass Tech will live forever in my heart.

    c/o 1980

  • As a 1969 grad of Cass Tech, these photos just make me so sad. What a waste!

  • Thanks for the shots, dfunk.

    I sure hope Sam the Scrapper dropped a nut trying to pry off the historic marker…

  • It will be a sad day in Detroit when this place joins Amelia Earhardt. I have only heard of it here in FL but even here it has a rep.

  • I took those in 2005, so sometime after that – not sure when or who, but they took the time to obscure the holes with marble.

  • When did the Pewabic tiles disappear?

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