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Springtime in the Brewster Projects……ahhhh…..

The Brewster Projects were on fire the other day, so I went to see what the aftermath was like. It was a huge smoke plume, so I expected a lot of damage.

CLICK HERE to see the amount of debris sent into the skies above downtown during the blaze

Everything in this area gets stripped and scrapped, especially since this is walking distance to some of the big scrap yards.

Every single tower had scrappers going full blast, “tink tink tink tink” – working away at the metal remains.

Come to find it was two of these row house style buildings that had gone up. It sure made a mess for coming from these things.. I couldn’t help but notice several buildings had been burned, and none were connected. Arson ?

Of course, this is what you find at almost every such scene… inoperable fire suppression infrastructure.

And does somebody go around to scenes like this to sprinkle ironic objects about, simply so photographers can make these ubiquitous “sad teddy bear” type photos ?

Okay, well I fell for it again….. lol

All these buildings had scrappers working away “tink tink tink tink BOOM….bam KLANK! tink tink tink”……

The police sitting under the towers at the end of the street there, within earshot of all the scrapper commotion.

Scrapped fences, burnt low rises.

Still kitchens in this one, so the scrappers were special noisy in there.

So just how many fire hydrants are just “decorative” and how many actually work ?

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