not all those who wander are lost

6 Responses to BrushPark fatalities

  • It’s heartbreaking to see these beautiful old buildings going to ruin.

  • Nice work! I’ve been searching for pictures of the houses that have been lost prior to my own documentation of the neighborhood. Thanks for the link too!

  • The six unit rowhouse in that link is on John R Street just west of Brush Street. The apartment row in my photo was a mirror image of the John R row, except it was on Brush Street.
    Good eye though !

  • Nice shots. You guys have some really cool ruins to photograph up there. Everything down here in the dirty south is pretty much brand spanking new and not particularly interesting. Thanks for shooting and posting, it is really cool to see your take on Detroit.

  • That last one just came down in the past few weeks. It is still standing in a picture I took on 11/27/04. I had the urge to explore the building but didn’t due to recent knee surgery. Bummer..