not all those who wander are lost

The row house along Brush Street that didnt make restoration.

Georges Market – got a nice whitewash, then was promptly abandoned,

This building had a crazy little history. It was the replacement structure for the Ransom Gillis carriage house (where Pewabic was founded) along John R. Street. It later became some type of jazz club, and in its last days it was a squatters car repair facility. For several years a guy repaired cars out front.

Thats ‘Whitey” there on the left. Whitey was one of the mammoth apartment buildings that used to populate this hood. They look smaller from the front, but go way back. Whitey was demoed a few years back.

John R. row houses before rehabilitation. Goes to show how much they can gut out of a building, but still save its desirable historic facade. These are near the corner of Watson and John R Street.

The John R. Street row houses a bit further south. This was one of the early restorations in Brush Park.

“Rooms for Rent – Clean

Evidence of the rooming houses era Brush Park went through after its socio-economic collapse.

Then there’s the Ransom Gillis home, everybody’s favorite Detroit train wreck of a ruin.

This one has been re-enforced and mothballed, but its ripe for an arson fire to wipe out all that hard work.