not all those who wander are lost

I had to make it all the way downtown before work yesterday – and that was crazy. It was only Monday but already chaos insued in the Martial Law Football Zone.

I was transferring the Motown documents that I rescued after and during the demolition of the Donovan Building to the possession of the Detroit Public Library Special Collections director, Mark. He was as happy to recieve them as I was to donate them. They are now officially part of the DPL, here in Detroit, where they belong. Needless to say I was contacted by a wide variety of institutions, but never in my mind for one second did I consider putting these documents in any other collection. They are now happy and safe and will be cared for with love and expertise.

A few years ago when I was in the building I picked up a few crazy momentos. A doorknob, a few fan letters, a container for a Honeywell tape reel. That stuff I guess I’ll keep.

I did learn a valuable lesson during this whole thing about the American media machine. Its all about entertainment, and I’ll never look at any of it the same again.

The Fox Theater is all tarted up for the event – with its tower refurbished with garish computer controlled lighted letters. Stare at it too long while youre on the expressway and youll end up plastered into the sidewall.

That sign was originally up there back in the day – and the towers been sitting up there all this time.


superbowl bash

Thats an odd prioritization.

Heres the entryway on Montcalm to the stadium.

And heres the friendly welcome signage !

Woodward closed at Grand Circus Park

Piles of barricades waiting to lock up the rest of the City.

These individuals are not any of the chosen ones who are fortunate enough to be standing in line for the Super Bowl.

They are simply waiting for a bowl of soup.

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