not all those who wander are lost


This is a set of photos I made for somebody special who was married here and just celebrated a 40th anniversary. I was not originally going to post them here on the website, but recent events have changed my mind, and I decided that sharing them would be good for everyone right now. The wonderful folks at Mariners’ Church invited me to come during the most special of their services, the Blessing of the Fleet – where flags are presented and prayed upon, and the ceremonial bell is rung along with the bell in the church tower. Along with the absolutely wonderful liturgy, this was a spine tingling event to be able to participate in, and I thank Father Jeff and the great people at Mariners’ for inviting me. It may be a long time before any of us are able to congregate in such a way, so I am thankful to have been there last week.

This is a photo displayed in the church, from back in the 1930’s before the building was moved to it’s current location and configuration. The first level was originally for retail shops, with the sanctuary on the upper level. In its current configuration it is embedded in a sloped landscape, the second story sanctuary is at ground level on the Jefferson Avenue side, as well as the front which faces Hart Plaza. The end of the church which faces the Renaissance Center is now a basement level where the church offices are, as well as the side which faces Canadian Customs and the Detroit River. From the porch of the entryway, you can stand looking south and see the country of Canada.

This is the legendary bell which is rung during the service.

Mariners’ Church has a stellar choir that my own church would be envious of. I love how they are placed among the parishioners.

Equally impressive was their organist – and the church organ is one of the most challenging of all instruments.

Everybody out there take care of yourselves and each other. Now is the time to show everybody who we really are, and that we know how to look out for one another.

I am proud to have been born in the great City of Detroit, and no matter where I am, I carry this place as a part of me.

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