not all those who wander are lost

The story goes like this: For years in this region, there has been an urban legend about a place called “The BigBoy Graveyard“..It was like the lost Elephant Graveyards of Africa or something…People all heard of it, but nobody had actually seen it with their own eyes. The BigBoy Graveyard actually existed…And its one of the saddest places in the DetroMetro area (if not the world) , its damn hard not to shed a tear there for all the fallen Boys.

Where do BigBoys go when they die?
They don’t go to Heaven where the Angels fly.
Go to a Lake of Fire and fry.
Wont see em’ again til’ the 4th of July.

In this area of Michigan the BigBoys were usually run by EliasBrothers restaurant group. I think the very first BigBoy was Bobs BigBoy in California. Theres all different kinds in different states in the USA.

“ride moto cross” is all they could think to write on this BigBoys face ? Jeeez.

The “Boy” eventually had his market crushed by clown burgers, king burgers and hot n juicys. But for a while he was the king.

Ever wondered what made a BigBoy spin ? No ?….Well heres how anyway…

“My God, My God – Why have you forsaken me ??”

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