not all those who wander are lost

Heres some scans from a collection of tiny little photographs I have.

The “new” Ambassador Bridge

Aerial view of Detroit skyline

Eaton Tower (David Broderick) on the left, the David Whitney building on the right.

The David Stott tower – the third of the “Three Davids”

The Book Tower and Book Building – looking clean and proud, minus the current bituminous coal smoke stains.

The Book – Cadillac Hotel – in happier days.

Blessed Sacrament Church (anyone know where this bad boy is?)

The Masonic Temple

The General Motors Building

The Detroit Art Center (DIA on right, DPL on left)

Now called the “Cultural Center”, the Art Centre Apartments (CCS dorm/apartments) still bear the original name of this district and the surrounding neighborhood.

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