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What ? Yeah !

Friends of the Belle Isle Aquarium President Vance Patrick has the following announcement to make to all friends of Belle Isle Aquarium:

The Aquarium is scheduled to be open to the public for the Shiver on The River event February 7. In preparation for this event we are looking for volunteers to help clean the inside 1st floor public area this weekend. I will be at the Aquarium this Saturday 10:30am till 3:30 pm. If you can help please bring a bucket and a mop, paper towels, window cleaner and rags. I would really appreciate a large show for this clean up event. We need to show the City we are always up for the task. I truly look forward to seeing many of our old friends from the early days in the trenches for The Belle Isle Aquarium. Feel free to pass this on.

Thank you
Vance Patrick

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