not all those who wander are lost

Who doesnt love seahorses ?

This ugly dude was around when Abe Lincoln was shot – probably also around when George Washington died. Craziness.

My personal favorite. I’d pay $4 USD just to visit this little guy now and then.

The most famous of fishes – the saltwater Clownfish.

The eel eating his lunch..BZZZT BZZZZT BZZZT. He likes ALL his shit BBQed !

2 Responses to Belle Isle Aquarium Fish

  • They’re closing down the Belle Isle Aquarium!!!
    Shit, why don’t they just take away the Big Tire and Joe Louis’ Fist while there at it!!!
    Or take there cues from Greektown and turn the whole place into ” Urban Disney!!!”!!!

  • Interesting. I had no idea that the original settlements burned in the early 1800s. The city of Atlanta’s logo is similar in concept – it is a phoenix rising from the ashes to symbolize rebirth after General Sherman torched the joint on his infamous march to the sea. Ironically, Atlanta is building a shiny new aquarium, while Detroit is closing theirs down.