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Anybody got any info on the westside ballroom carcass ? There was a feeble rehab attempt a few years back, but the interiors are still completely blown out. First floor retail like the other major ballrooms.

Grand River/Fenkell [ooops – thats livernois and fenkell]

dfunkadds: Leo B. and SNWEB add some data, but Leo found the lowdown:

That’s the Campus Ballroom !
A.K.A Ernie D’s Campus Ballroom.
So named for the University District.
“Frantic” Ernie Durham was a Detroit Radio Legend (WJLB)who also hosted record hops and leased the ballroom for event purposes.
I do know that Parliament/Funkadelic played there in March of 1970. P-Funk also was connected with Tera Shirma Studios just around the Corner from the Campus on Livernois.

Yeah Leo, I am pretty sure that Tera Shirma is/was on the same stretch as the roadside sculptures seen in the “Freaky Kids” post.

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