not all those who wander are lost

Not long after a lot of hype from a local art group, Eloise Cemetery again sits overgrown, abandoned, ignored and unattended. Almost ten thousand people lay peacefully under this grass between these pine trees with only cement number blocks to mark their graves.

Looking at Eloise now is strange, with the iconic smoke stack now demolished.

How long before they scrape the Kay Beard building of this property to build condos or golf courses ?

The rear of the former power station

This is where coal was loaded in, and it still covers the ground back there.

The interiors of the power station are still fairly clean, aside from some asinine graffiti.

Above all Eloise is just a sad place. So much so, that I actually look forward to the day when these remaining buildings are gone and the institution slips out of collective memory. I also hope that the people of the State of Michigan and of Wayne County will one day do their moral duty, owed to the thousands of human beings buried in an unmarked cemetery off of Henry Ruff road. There is simply no excuse for such a large burial ground to be unmarked and unattended. Any shame involved should be shared by all of us.