not all those who wander are lost

Todd Erickson’s latest show is now running at the historic Scarab Club at 217 Farnsworth. Hours are Wed-Sun 12 noon – 5 pm.

These pieces are even fascinating from behind – no surface left unconsidered.

Naturalistic forms rendered in bronze. These objects all hearken to abandoned or forgotten places – not unlike so much of what we see in the streets of Detroit. But these places and structures are all of a rural origin. Hidden places, hidden entryways – shapes that suggest ladders and steps. Endless surprises in shape and detail. Somehow to me, the rural nature of the settings combined with natural cast aspects such as branches and leaves – creates a stunning sense of solitary melancholy. At the same time, many of the pieces also echo such childhood things as play structures and treehouses, so the artist also keeps the imagery playful and fun for the viewer.

Todds work is ALWAYS worth checking out in person. Photos can do these objects no justice. If you have not been to Scarab Club before, now is a great time. The show runs July 2nd til August 17th – so theres still plenty of time.

Then I believe the Scarab folks are closing shop for a few weeks for maintenance.

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