not all those who wander are lost

The Arnold Home, one of the structures on Kwame Kilpatricks unfunded hitlist – a welfare project to funnel city monies into the pockets of friends and family via a multitude of hasty and messy demolitions around the city.

THERES where I left my boat !

Gawd, tromping through this particular place alone was just plain scary. Far from the safety of the inner ring downtown area, this hood is a bit of a freakshow. Nothing of note inside unless you are a scrapper…But it looks like theyve already had their time with this carcass.

6 Responses to Arnold Home

  • Wow – Looks like Chris’ whole family. Im am hearing you guys loud and clear. My grandmother died last year around mothersday, after a long stay in a care facility.

    I have vivid memories of sights and smells as well.

    Ronald, I hear the pain in your statement and I can completely understand.

    Ive had people in my family attempt to keep aged loved ones at home longer than they should, but that ended up much worse than going to professional care. This makes the decision to put loved ones in professional care not one bit easier.

    Its just one of those things in life that we agonize over. What settles my soul, is knowing that these folks are now in a far better place than we here on earth can imagine.

  • These photos bring back sad days in my life. Placing my mother in the Arnold Home was not what I wanted to do but didn’t have much choice as she couldn’t live with me at home. She died there and I still remember going to see her with daughter Patti just after she died – alone! Sad, very sad memories.

  • Holy Crap is right! I am Chris and Beth’s brother, and I spent a considerable amount of time here with my dad and Grandma! What I remember most about the place was the SMELL! It smelled of urine and disinfectant! YUCK! Seeing these pictures really takes me back! I remember the wheel chair races too!

  • I am related to Chris. I remember having wheel chair races in the hallway while visiting Grandma. The very first time I drove a manual transmission car it was to here. My Grandma died there.

  • Chris – thats CRAZY ! It just shows that every single corner of Detroit seems to have ties to all of us at some level.

    Man – I can imagine it would be at LEAST as scary while it was still running !

  • Holy Crap! That is where my grandmother lived years ago. That place was scary. I remember riding in the elevator, and fearing for my life! My father wanted for his mother to live at a place in bloomfield Hills, but she insisted on living here since that is where most of her friends were. We all hated visiting her there.