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This week we are off to the city of Ann Arbor to check out buildings on the University of Michigan campuses. I roll into A2 (Or “annarbage” as we used to call it when I lived in East Lansing at the 700 Club) on a thick fog morning with the temps at a balmy 44 degrees F.

Okay, not exactly good atmospheric conditions for photographing buildings, especially when you couldn’t see the roof on a single story structure. I actually got completely turned around when I was only about two blocks from the Burton Tower. I could have walked right into it and not seen it.

Later in the day was good, and subsequent days had better conditions. This time of year in Michigan you can get pelted with icy snow, rain, wind and sunshine all in one day, and then go home with a sunburn on your nose.

Todays post is just some around town things, and then we will start getting into some of the prominent buildings and details.


Unfortunately, I have seen this film waaaaaay too many times. One of my favorites.

Whoah ! This place above Middle Earth got toasted.

Here is a murky image of the new Ross School of Business (arch. Kohn, Pederson, Fox Associates PC)

And across from that is this funky little church. I could not find any original info on it, but here is the current congregation: Memorial Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Many Beliefs, One Faith. Come Be Part of the Family

This is just a rental unit, but its fancy hat caught my eye.

This is the North Quad, which will be completed in 2010.

“Dream Detroit”

That is one freaky looking dream, there.

The most elaborately designed smoothie drive thru in the world.

Anybody know what this was originally ?

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