not all those who wander are lost

The William Livingstone House, 294 Elliot between John R and Brush in the Brush Historical District. Designed by Albert Kahn in his early 20’s after his famous trip through Europe.

Heres a good history on Rens site.

AIW at InternationalMetropolis and I have had a long running bet about who would be first to spot ol’ Slumpy when her facade finally gave out. As it turns out, I think neither of us spotted it first, but I am sure that AIW knew about it before I did.

AIW has been carefully documenting the Livingstone mansion deterioration even longer than I have. Mrs. dFunk said jokingly one day about the houses appearance “Slumpty Dumpty had a great fall” etc. and AIW and I from that point on referred to the structure affectionately as “Slumpy”.

“………….and all the kings horses and all the kings men….”

Lets take a look at the whole building, everybody always looks at this one from the street.

And now on to the the recently (more) collapsed facade.

Remaining french doors in this room – and on the floor in front of them is a huge load bearing beam. I would guess that when this gave way the front suffered the recent collapse.

Coat hanger still in the closet

Sandstone parts of the facade.

We’ll end with the “scarlet” demolition letter “D”.

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