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Amelia Earhart Middle School. This is one curvilinear mofo…

Commemorative plaque – scrapped.

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  • I attended this school when it was fairly new, and I was wondering does anybody remember what year it was built in ? I really learned quite a bit, but I think the teachers were the ones that made the difference, I believed that they really cared about students. When I first arrived at the school, my grades were hovering around a D-, but by the time I left there they were at A-. So many good memories.

  • It was open during the last school year. It’s being town down only to be replaced by a new school going up to 8th grade, rather than just the young kids there now. There’s a fence with 24-hour security (paid by the city, presumably), as if tearing it down wasn’t wasteful enough.

  • p.s. Thank you so much for documenting this building, once the demolition fences went up I kicked myself for never taking a pic.

  • So bummed to learn this school is being demolished, I live in the area and love looking at its unique futuristic design and beautiful landscaping. I knew something was up when they massacred the surrounding trees.
    Maybe you can get inside to take some interior shots before the wrecking ball hits? I’d love to see the continuation of the design inside! ;)

  • Methinks that if was not being “utilized”, dfunk would have had some interior shots for us…

  • I went to that school! It feels so odd seeing it here. I’m not sure how the city plans on taking one of the most densely populated neighborhoods and cramming all of it’s students into one “campus,” should be interesting. And as far as it not being utilized, I don’t think it’s closed, don’t let the graffiti fool you.

  • Very cool. What a shame that it’s not being utilized. Amazing.

  • This place is really famous in BMX bike videos. Some crazy things have went down on those curved walls.

  • Old Skool is on point!

  • I don’t know if that was 60’s architecture…it seems a tad bit 70’s “Brutalism” with all the cast in place reinforced concrete, yet the sweeping curves and arches take away a bit of the brutality.

  • Great looking sixties architecture. It’s going to be trashed, right? Gotta love Detroit, it is equal opportunity when it comes to cultural ignorance. Pewabic pottery, Khan designs, whatever, more modern design, just trash the f***k out of it.

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