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Albert Kahns General Motors World Headquarters building.

Albert Kahn was the architect who built and innovated most of the stuctures that make up the Industrialized World. This includes 500+ stuctures in the former Soviet Union. Kahns primary client was the notoriously anti-semitic Hitler supporter Henry Ford. (Henry Ford is known to have personally bankrolled Adolf Hitler during his ascent towards The Final Solution. Hitler actually idolized Ford, and employed Fords assembly line methods in the extermination camps.)

The only way Kahn, a proud man of Jewish descent, could deal with working with such an inhuman individual was to have a firm agreement that he and Ford never meet face to face. I still cant understand how he did it – but the world is a better place as a result.

These are details specifically from the entryway of the former GM headquarters. This is now a State of Michigan building, as GM has moved into the Renaissance Center.

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