not all those who wander are lost

Veterans Memorial Building in Hart Plaza, now called UAW-Ford National Programs Center. (maybe they should drop the UAW-Ford part now, eh ?)

“The Veterans Memorial Building, completed in 1950, stands as a monument to those Detroiters who gave their lives and services in war for our country. It was the first of the civic center’s buildings to be erected. The soaring carved marble eagle adorning the building’s north facade is the work of renowned Michigan sculptor Marshall M. Fredericks and symbolizes peace, valor, goodwill and victory.

Six Vermont marble pylons, located west of the building, are incised with reliefs illustrating 350 years of Detroit military activity. a seventh “Peace Pylon” symbolizes hope and faith in the future and gratitude for victory and peace.

The pillars and bronze eagle are also the work of Marshall M. Fredericks.”

Dedicated December 3rd, 1952 by Detroit Circle No. 1; Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic.

For Michigan Veterans of the 1861-1865 American Civil War.

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