not all those who wander are lost

Anybody know what this giant noxious thing was ? It was on former Mayor Kilpatricks demolition hitlist awhile ago, but hes gone now. I think the hitlist is too.

These days its pretty much just a thing to spraypaint on, and maybe for a homeless dude to light up a fire.

Somebody was hanging in this building, but I didnt bother them.

Power house ?

5 Responses to 1909 Erskine

  • I got blown out of there by a freaky spring snow storm as you can see in the flaky pictures. Started blowing really hard so I had to abandon the mission. Might go back.

  • Cool Angela! I never knew the name of that place.

    Hey dfunk, didn’t like the climb onto the stairs at the bottom? I cut my hand pretty good on my first attempt, but I got back and got er done.

  • IIRC those were the silos for the Koenig Coal company waaaaaay back.

  • Hey The Beavis – I have not only seen that smoke at times and wondered “wtf”, but I also have seen DFD have to go put fires out on this thing over the years.

  • Isn’t this the place where scrappers line up to finish “mining” their copper? By mining I mean burning off the insulation so they can get top dollar. You can usually see clouds of black smoke rising with the sun from I-75.

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