not all those who wander are lost

These are shots from the Computers and Writing conference at Wayne State University. I was a guest speaker along with Lowell (DetroitYes.comFabulous Ruins of Detroit) and Mollika (Detroit Metro Blog). These shots are where the main activities were, in the beautiful McGregor Conference Center.

Marshall Frederick’s portrait of the buildings namesake.

Of course I brought the pocket camera and took a few snapshots before our lectures.

Heres a shot of Lowell wowing the crowd with his incredible work. Me, Im not much of a public speaker, but I love the topics that I discuss on my website enough to make it something I wanted to do. Mollika did fantastic, and between the three of us they got a good picture of Detroits virtual community.

Special thanks to all the Jeffs who invited us and helped us out, particularly Jeff Rice (congrats on that baby !) and Jeff Pruchnick.

Also thanks to Lowell and Mollika for making me feel not quite so nervous. Thanks to Dennis Galfy for the pep talk before hand.

Thanks to all of you who had such amazingly kind things to say about my website. For those teachers I spoke to, certainly feel free to contact me at any time about anything you may need that I could be of assistance with.

email me at:

detroit DOT funk @ yahoo DOT com

Say good things about Detroit when you go back home, and thanks so much for visiting.