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Photographic essays of Detroit and the surrounding region. Started in 2003 as a photo weblog, dETROITfUNK carried on as a photographic archive of the changing conditions in and around the City of Detroit.


Are you folks hearing the same thing I am hearing ? General Motors is actually planning on shutting down the Poletown Plant. Wow, the reaction to this is going to be pretty intense, considering the history behind this factory.

Hey everybody, time for some updates to let you know what’s been up.

I took an extended hiatus and parked the site in archive mode. Lately I have been back to work on the website, and I have been working on the archives restoring some missing years and fixing dead links etc.

I just finished reinstalling all of 2013, and that is in the wider format now. I will be going back and restoring a few more years that were originally done in 450×300 aspect ratio to the wider format as well. (2010, 2011, 2012)

As I go through month by month, I am also adding photo sets that never made it up when they were shot. Time goes by and events happen that I needed to publish where some other things got left behind. I’ll be publishing everything presentable that was shot for the website when I am finished with the restoration.

Everybody have a great Thanksgiving, and say nice things about Detroit !

November 20th 2018

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