not all those who wander are lost

Next stop on the summer season fun tour – The Detroit Zoo !

This is the tank where the seals and polar bear live.

No polar bear this day though…

The butterfly and bird sanctuary is very cool.

This time around I got a good look at the giant ant eaters – wow these are crazy looking animals !

The American Bison.

Prairie Dogs

This dude is chillin in the waterfall – Wood Duck ?

[ detroitfunk reader marn adds: “not a wood duck…an African pygmy-goose.” ]

4 Responses to Zoo Days

  • Fun shots, dFunk! I visited the Zoo on my trip back to Detroit this past May. LOVED IT…and was pleased to see that everything is still very well kept. Terrific weather and all of the trees in bloom made it a great day! Riding the train brought back memories from my childhood.

  • “Thought to be relatively common in the 1970s, this bird is now abundant only in isolated patches. Due to habitat destruction, this species is on the decline and may soon become extinct. There are now just over 60 in 25 institutions worldwide.”

  • not a wood duck…an African pygmy-goose.


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