not all those who wander are lost

“Your only a stranger once”

“Your” ?

Well, looks like everybody is a stranger now that Schiller’s is closed.

Lets take a spin around the south westerly regions of the City. Need to get these snowy photos out of my system and get ready for the warm weather !

2 Responses to “Your only a stranger once”

  • I went into a bar in Gloucester Ma. in about 1999. Full of ancient looking local fishermen it wasn’t exactly a welcoming experience. Nonetheless when I was there in 2003 I decided to drop in and see if it had changed at all. As I walked through the door a figure in the back corner looked up from his beer and said “So you’re back ey?”.

    Off topic I know. But it kinda reminded me …

  • hung out at schillers on central from the time i was 14(yes 14) till the day it “closed”

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