not all those who wander are lost

“You Buy – We Fry”

But they forgot to paint THIS slogan on their building:

“You Pee – You Die !”

Apparently after spotting some guy pissing on the side of his building, the shop owner called for a weapon, and then put the man down on the spot.

7 Responses to You Pee = You Die

  • lilgerman – harsh, but yet completely reasonable logic.

    and what is it – a dog like instinct to urinate ON something ? if he pissed standing right on the sidewalk, nobody would have said anything. it took effort and some sort of decision making process to wind up in that lot by the side of the fish building.

    all of it – yuk. just a nutty story all around.

  • Cripes. There’s enough room around there for half of China to pee and not hit another guy’s slipper…dead man peeing has to select the fry-guy’s building upon which to relieve himself? Sure hope the next idiot with poor judgement, no respect for another man’s property and an enlarged prostate will think about what happened here BEFORE he leaves the house.

  • Well, the Pterodactyl might taste like chicken, but I do not want to know what a fried muffler tastes like. Or even what it smells like when its cooking.

    And Susan, its not “want fries with that”, its “you WANT fries with that” – hahahaha ! FastFoodThink.

  • Want fries with that? LOL :-D

  • See, I would think the Pterodactyl would taste like chicken and Orca would taste like something else.


    How much for a pound of fried Orcinus orca ?

    I hear it tastes just like chicken, but it makes you have to pee really bad…

  • How does fried Killer Whale taste?

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