not all those who wander are lost

Gotta love the little lightening bolt motif !

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  • Keylining – yessss… get out yer pica scale.

  • No kidding – THATS where you worked when you were in Highland Park ? ! WOW ! Sanders and Hostess were still kicking it on Oakman back then.

    I saw the parking lots across the street, they are overgrown with vegetation now, and filled with “humans nests” (makeshift homeless dwellings)

  • Randy,
    I don’t think I’ve told you, but I worked at the Yellow Pages building ever so briefly in 1981! I remember parking across the street and going into that front door first thing in the morning. People above have already noted that printing and distribution took place here…I was doing keylining (!) of ads for the books. Anyone remember keylining? After being on a computer for 23 years, I barely remember it.

    The interior office space was pretty run-down by ’81.

  • Wow!!! and very sad all at once.

  • Proof that people actually gave a damn at one point in human history.

  • Nice deco, when does it get trashed?

  • That place looks awesome! What did they do there? did they print the books? I hope that building sticks around.

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