not all those who wander are lost

Barbour Memorial Fountain – Belle Isle “wounded gazelle”, Marshall Fredericks

St. Thomas on the East Side

Deco phone building on the edge of Grosse Pointe Park

Deco building on Gratiot and Harper, with the African murals on the side. This was abandoned in the last couple years and is coming apart quickly.

Near that is this Belgian Hall building.

This is one of several different ethnic halls in this same neighborhood.

High tension power lines – creating the Great Divide: 8 Mile, Eight Mile Road, M 102. and also known as Base Line Road because it was the base line for surveying the Northwest Territories. The northern border between the suburbs and the urban Detroit neighborhoods.

7 Responses to Wounded Gazelle

  • St Thomas is just a block or two into the neighborhood behind Mark Twain.

  • Hey marn –

    Yes, the title is Leaping Gazelle !

    There was a discussion I had recently with some folks about the “wounded” description, which seems not to be accurate for this pose. However, people describe it as “wounded” now and then.

    I cant figure what the artistic purpose for the animal being wounded would be, and the link you cite has what appears to be the real summary.

    But anyway, thats where the strange post title came from. Good eye.

  • I put some of them up here on occasion, but I work as a photojournalist, so the photos are published in newpapers and magazines.

  • Thanks to you. I like the angles and the suburban kind of mood in some of them. Do you post the ones you take during your professional work somewhere else?

  • It’s actually titled Leaping Gazelle, not Wounded Gazelle…unless you were being ironic, in which case, nevermind.

  • Carlos – thanks for adding my link ! I updated yours with the new URL.

    Glad you like the photos. Yes – I work professionally, although a lot of whats up on this site are really just snap shots.

  • The angle from where you capture this gazelle makes the sculpture even better. It looks tense and about to fall. Great. The rest of the images in the series are beautiful too. I got you on my sidebar. By the way I changed the address :)

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